Desforma is an independent family run business which uses unprecedented spheric construction technology to offer exclusive design.

The brand was born in 1994 from an innovative vision to merge unique design with functionality of the furniture without compromising comfort. Committed to deliver distinctive timeless furnishing inspired by sculptural and architectural forms, brand’s premium creations are made to impress and to stand out in any interior.

Brand was established by Kestutis Spokas and in 2009 joined by his daughter Brigita Marija Spokaite-Norvaise, who formed a creative family union to apply passion for artisan techniques for making distinctive sitting furniture. Over 27 years the business has built a solid reputation in the industry with the highest quality standards and is at the forefront of uniquely designed furniture that is created to astonish and to comfort. Rooted with a sense of luxury and mastery of design, Desforma’s furniture is an ideal solution for those looking to add a sophisticated cynosure to the interior.

Known for blurring the lines between art, decoration, and design, Desforma’s collection is built upon the innovative spheric construction technology, certified in Geneva. In 2003 Desforma created the world’s first spherical construction sofa, and up until now it continues to be only company in the world using this innovatory technology to create a revolution in furniture design and an elevated level of luxury.