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dear kestutis and brigitta,all 4 pieces of furniture arrived safely about 2 hours agowe could not be more happy with what you have sent usthe design of the pieces is superb , and the materials and the finish is wonderful the packaging was perfect, and everything was beautifully wrapped in cellophaneit was raining very heavily when the furniture arrived , but the cellophane kept everything dryTHE 2 YOUNG MEN WHO DELIVERED THE FURNITURE WERE TRULY WONDERFULTHEY WERE SO KIND AND OBLIGING , AND WE COULD NOT ASK FOR BETTER PEOPLE TO HELP US PLEASE COULD YOU TELL THEIR BOSS/SUPERVISOR/OWNEROF THE COMPANY THAT WE THOUGHT THAT THEY WERE BOTH WONDERFULTHEY WERE BOTH A GREAT ADVERTISEMENT FOR LITHUANIAthe total bill (including the 2nd pouffe) was EUROS 3492.06we previously paid a deposit of EUROS 1680.69we therefore have to pay an additional EUROS 1811.37we have to go into the bank to send this additional EUROS 1811.37 , and we will do this by WEDNESDAY at the latestthank you once again for the lovely furniture---we are delighted with the products and the serviceit has been a pleasure dealing with all the Lithunians that we have come into contact with , and you should be very proud of this with our very best wishes Path and Anne
Здравствуйте Кестутис,диван доехал благополучно и давно у нас на месте. Извините за поздний ответ, но я сделал качественные снимки и 7 из них высылаю вам. Спасибо за прекрасный и удобный предмет интерьера, всегда готов с вами общаться и поддерживать теплые отношения, спосибо вашему коллективу за прекрасный и качественный труд! С удовольствием при случае буду всегда рекомендовать вас своим знакомым.С наилучшими пожеланиями.ЕвгенийH&K iPad
Linda Robery
We've had great experience with Desforma. I am not an easy grader but I can confidently say they even exceeded my expectations. We purchased Amphora furniture for our offices which added a unique look, comfortable seating and timeless design. Deforma has also proven to deliver outstanding quality. I would recommend Desforma to anyone who is looking for great quality, contemporary and timeless looks, as well as exceptional comfort. It has been great working with Desforma!
Christian Crepaldi - GDF SUEZ Energia Italia S.p.a.
Amphora set looks far much better than on images and I’m very satisfied of your product (I’m suggesting to my friends to buy from you!) Thank you for a smooth and pleasant transaction.
GDF SUEZ Energia Italia S.p.a. Milano, Italia
Daiva - Interiors For Homes LTD, United Kingdom
Desforma are a very meticulous company obviously pride themselves on their customer service and great communication. We found them to have kept us up to date every step of the way during our dealings with them so far. We last purchased their curved sofa namely Tornado Curved Sofa. This was a solid piece of furniture. You can see and fell it had been well built and was of solid construction. The materials used were clearly of high quality. All this together resulted in a stunning product which is impossible to go unnoticed

Daiva - Interiors For Homes LTD, United Kingdom
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