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Terms and Conditions


Quality guarantee
All Desforma furniture is made by skilled craftsmen at the factory in Resmita UAB using new manufacturing techniques that ensure that the longevity of the furniture is guaranteed at each stage of the production process.
Highly trained staff maintains high levels of quality control throughout the manufacturing process by means of stage-by-stage self-checking.
All pieces are hand crafted to exacting standards using only the best materials and techniques. Their fabric library offers an extensive range of exquisite fabrics and hand finished leathers to suit all tastes and budgets. There is even a choice of wood finishes for frames and legs and cushion fillings for the perfect comfort level.

You are guaranteed to receive your furniture in good condition without exception unless it is damaged and you sign for it as good. You must inspect. You (or your agent) must list any damage to the product on the trucking company receipt called proof of delivery or the Bill Of Lading. If anything is missing, damaged, or defective you must list it as an exception. If the truck driver will not give you time to inspect for damage, write under exceptions on the trucking company receipt "TRUCK DRIVER REFUSED TIME TO INSPECT. POSSIBLE DAMAGE." You have both a right and a responsibility to inspect your furniture carefully upon delivery.
Delivery Time
Delivery times may vary depending upon the items ordered. Times also vary depending upon whether the billing and shipping information are accurate. You can not cancel your order due to delays in shipping.
International Shipping
Also, you may arrange to pick up at the factory warehouses with your own commercial shipper at your own expense at your own risk. We ship to any  destination for overseas customers.
We offer package prices on large orders and commercial pricing on large orders. 
Your Door Size – Dimensions
Desforma Furniture does not know your home or your space requirements, or the sizes of your doors. It is 100% the buyers responsibility to determine if the furniture will fit in the space or fit through the doors at your home. Large items are broken down for shipping. This allows all large items to fit through standard size doors assuming a straight and level pathway on both sides of the door.
Damage Claims
Inspect your furniture for damage and defects before you - or your receiving agent, sign the trucking company delivery acceptance form called the Bill Of Lading or proof of delivery. If your furniture is damaged or defective beyond repair or not what you ordered - refuse delivery. If not damaged or defective beyond repair you must accept delivery. Damage claims must be reported to Desforma Furniture via e-mail or fax (in writing) with photos within 24 hours of delivery. Damage claims that are not reported in writing with photo’s within 24 hours of delivery will NOT be honored.
Return Policy 
Sales on custom made items are final. No returns, cancellations, or refunds allowed on custom made products. You can not return an item before it arrives because your order is delayed in shipping.