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Our services

It is difficult to imagine how spectacular view the furniture can be made by expressive and elegant excesses of a natural wood. Eventually, wood is characterized by durability and reliability and at times it seems, nonflexible, and sometimes even scandalous. Compulsorily to bend a wood on more exacting whims the exclusive technology and, certainly, experience is necessary. This is what " Desforma" - offers unique spherical design of upholstered furniture from a file of wood. Experts of the company have developed and have patented the "know-how" of furniture for manufacture of individual and exclusive production of charming forms with lines curves .Our luxurious range of products offers fantastic quality and design
FIXED SEATING - can be designed and manufactured by your specification or requirements. We have an open attitude to all your project needs and our aim is to work closely to establish your full satisfaction.
For those looking for something different or truly unique they also offer a bespoke service from design and sourcing to completed product with all the expertise and advice that comes with it.
Regular Clients
Our prices are often 10-20% bellow the set budget, resulting in considerable savings to our clients. We will always advise and consult throughout the process to ensure the best outcome of costs is reached should clients wish so.

We are making not just our own design furniture, but also we can customize it.. We can offer you wide choice of fabrics and leathers with wide pallet of colours. Despite that, if you like, we can use your own fabrics or leathers.
Our professional designers team are always ready to listen you and will try to make any your unique idea a live.
We are always looking for partners all over the world. And we are widely open to discuss any questions about collaboration in furniture design and furniture sales as well. 
The unique technology is applied for the production of exceptional furniture for public spaces - restaurants, nightclubs etc. - assembled in modules. Such furniture looks good from all directions, therefore it can be placed in empty interior spaces and not only against walls as usual furniture. Carcasses of spherical sculptured shape furniture is made of natural wood, by using the technology of non-standard soft furniture manufacture which allows to avoid using large amounts of foam, High-quality foam or latex is used for the seat part. Furniture is made according to the dimensions, sketches and designs of customers. Various options of diameter radius, ellipse or curvy line are possible.
For our furniture we are using just top quality leathers and materials. Our partners are such famous companies like: Hulshof Royal Dutch Tanneries, Alcantara S.p.A., Futura Leathers S.p.A., k&r Textil GmbH&Co, Yarwood, Modellifabrics, Dumaleather, Crestleather, Newpel, Auguafabrics, Ca-mo, Gimmelleder, Hornschuchuk, Warwick, Camira Fabrics Muirhead, Wollsdorf, Skopos design ltd and others.