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Our History

Company founder Kestutis Spokas got interested in furniture trade while residing in the USA. With the help of the famous American designer and inventor Walter Ellis Durlin from Tupelo city, Mississippi (USA), Kestutis has learned the basics of furniture trade and, when he has returned to Lithuania, he continued development of upholstered furniture production, applying the knowledge gained in the USA.
JSC Risve, company producing standard and nonstandard upholstered furniture, has been established in 1994. In two years time, in 1996, JSC Risve has achieved outstanding results – it has been awarded at Litexpo exhibition centre in the international exhibition of furniture. The company has won the prize of the best producer of upholstered furniture that in turn has encouraged and obliged Kestutis to seek for heights in furniture design, to develop new models, and to look for new secrets of production.
Kestutis Spokas’ company has won the first place in the nomination of upholstered furniture during the international exhibition that took place in Riga, in 2000. One year later, in 2001, the first place has been awarded for three models of new design at Litexpo exhibition centre.
A brand-new method of production of furniture frame skeleton has been developed in 2004. In Geneva it has been acknowledged as an invention which allows to obtain unseen convex forms of upholstered furniture. This invention has allowed to lead the industry and to attain the level of international design.
In 2009, JSC Risve merged with the new investors and established a new brand name "Desforma", but the old traditions of the operating company "Resmita". The main objectives of the new company - to enter the Western European and other world markets and to expand the scope of services, a Master of cafes, restaurants, hotels and commercial interior spaces rank.