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About us

Our Company is reliable, established valuable resource for residential and commercial interior designers and architects. Desforma is committed to creating a balanced range of innovative products that can be used in various configurations to inspire and meet the needs of all our clients.
Desforma commitment to aim for perfection to reflect the taste and personal will of the most discerning and demanding clients including fixtures and fittings for ideal  hotel interiors.
We provide fast and reliable service in finding the designs to suit your scheme & budget.
Testimony of which is our longstanding client base, all of which recognise that we deliver what we promise. The company offers a unique and beautiful collection of furniture,
lighting and decorative accessories in a wide range of materials and finishes, all of which can be custom sized or finished.
We supply international clients for a range of applications:
•       Hotels & spas
•       Restaurants, cafes & bars
•       Office & conference areas
•       Luxury residential projects
•       Public spaces.
Our Website
Our website displays a wide range of items, many of which are available in other sizes or materials or as different types of fittings as well as a selection of the prestigious projects we have worked on.