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Upholstery and filling

Manufacturer Resmita offers the finest Italian leather in many grades and colors. There are so many stunning colors. Today the consumer is left with many confusing choices in leather, many different grades of fine leather, and all complicated by the new man made leather. Not only is the quality of leather important to the couch, but the quality of the stitching is important. And most important is the quality of the foam.

We can offer a variety of upholstery materials:
Leather, no doubt, by its nature is a natural material. Before becoming a furniture upholstery, leather should be treated intensively - and most chemicals. This process is known as the old way of processing leather. The main vegetable tanning materials are various chromium compounds. They penetrate deeply into the leather and stays there forever, but the atmosphere does not - then, and does not harm human health.
Leather painted by a special technology: the paint on the surface of the leather not covered by a single barrier layer, and penetrated to the leather through the pores without damaging the texture - that is while maintaining the leather's natural order. It is painted in the leather is considered the best quality - if you run through the hand covered with leather furniture feels nice not completely smooth surface heat.
In particular, modern furniture, which should get very precise lines, ultra-thin and collections:
First Nappa leather. Most often it is chosen not from the bull and the calf's leather. Nappa leather furniture is the pinnacle of luxury, they are very delicate, but more vulnerable. It's usually not everyday furniture, although it depends on lifestyle: if no children, cats, dogs, and skin constantly monitored, then it will be soft and breathes well.
Another type of leather with writing:
The second nubuck, when gently extracted naped leather soft fuzz. It is a natural tousled and polished leather can be oily: the special oils, giving impression of aged skin, rich nubuck. The suede - naped subcutaneous layer of adipose tissue formed part of the velvet-like pile covered with a soft surface.
About the quality of the product need to think about before choosing leather hides. Commonly used in furniture production and 1.2 and 1.8 mm thick skin with a letter (called full grain).
From leather painting and finishing work, as well as the choice of raw hides and leathers, mainly depends on the quality of leather furniture. Determines the durability of the furniture care. Well-dressed leather painted container with water, using textile dyes. The use of aniline dyes, dye penetrate the pores of the leather and it is painted. In this way, saves the painted leather color no matter how long it will be used. Leather, stained with aniline dyes only gives a sensation of heat, breathes naturally, is rich.
Manufacture of furniture consists of two major processes - selection and style of "connection". There is only one way to leather to ensure product quality - all of its surface must be made from one piece of leather. Because leather is a natural product, its pieces are rarely flat and uniform quality. It certainly reaffirms the initial stage - the selection of raw hides and leather - and the importance of precision-cut leather. Manufacturers wishing to supply only the highest quality products, especially in demanding source material.
The last stage - the connection has already cut pieces. And the phase characterized by large qualitative differences. This is how leather "lies" at the seams, and the curve shows that the work is carried out responsibly.
From the leather and the choice of treatment depends on the quality of its price, which starts from 25 to 29 € up to 35 € per m2 and more.
The third Alcantara (suede leather substitute). They are used in the manufacture of various types of material to go a long chemical and mechanical treatment process, while turns into a microfiber. Alcantara-depth details of the production process - developed by Italian company trade secrets.
Alcantara fabrics are easier to clean - Special cleaner for leather are generally leaves no marks, clean all the dirt. Under certain circumstances, such coatings can even be washed in a washing machine. Alcantara externally very similar to velor, but its maintenance is simpler. The price starts from 58 €  to 65 € per m2.

Lether you can choose here:



 Foam (polyurethane foam) are currently the main material for the manufacture of upholstered furniture. Foam quality is determined by the following data:
        Density - the amount, indicating how much foam is in one volume. Since density is largely dependent, and foam durability: the denser the foam, the longer its life.
        COMPRESSION TENSION shows the hardness of the foam and any required strength (kPa) so that the size of the foam sample is compressed by 40%. In most cases this value along with the foam density refers to the mark.
        STRENGTH. Shows how the force required, the size of the foam sample is destroyed and how much longer until it is perforated.
        The modulus of elasticity. It is evident that the foam is firmer, the more he gets non elastic.
        Permanent set-key performance indicator of how long the foam retains its original shape and size used. Confirmed the fact - the higher the foam density, the longer it retains its original shape and dimensions.
        CONVENIENCE depends on the support and comfort factors. Comfort factor - soft foam gently extracted and how much it is pleasant to the touch, and the support ratio - as a foam maintains and distributes the weight.
Recently widely used EUCATHERM C material.
          This viscoelastic material. Unlike conventional polyurethane foam, the material deformation recovers primitive form very slowly, and when exposed to heat changes its physical and mechanical properties - warming becomes softer and more elastic. Density of 50 kg / m³. 2-3 cm is applied. Upper thick layer. Price 17,5€ for sofa.
        Natural latex is extracted from rubber (Hevea brasiliensis Latin), juice, and therefore has a natural elasticity, which is resistant to deformation and aging. This smooth, neskleidžianti no sound, open microstructure of the material. Extracted natural latex is quite difficult. Latex with a soft, warm, pleasant to touch material. Through continuous small diameter holes in the latex panels pass the air better. Density - 60 kg/m3
        Extracted natural latex is quite difficult. Latex with a soft, warm, pleasant to touch material. Through continuous small diameter holes in the latex panels pass the air better. Density - 60 kg/m3. Foam and latex softness ratio is 40: 60. Properties of natural latex is durable and resistant to deformation. Price difference with the foam  +38 €
       Simple latex has many positive features, but some are more fond of cool, warm season, it was too warm. This solved the problem of a new filler CLIMALATEX. These materials are based latex, a part surface is undulating, and improve air circulation made more holes.
CLIMALATEX main features:
 - Particularly comfortable, soft and smooth surface;
 - Adequate support under pressure (SAG coefficient - 4);
 - Ergonomic;
 - Anti-bacterial, resistant to house dust mites;
 - Resistance to deformation, long retains its original form;
 - Open the pairs, a lot of holes and undulating surface has excellent ventilation. Price difference with latex  +20 €.